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Theme parties are fun, partly because you get to dress up and unleash some of your inner passions via costume, and partly because you get to learn something about the people you know – just from the shear insanity of their costumes.

Our upcoming theme party on July 8, the Super Hero/Super Villain party, came about partly because of one of the brewery owner’s love of comic books.

Who hasn’t thought of what it would be like to be Superman, flying across the Y Bridge one evening and over New York City later, that same evening? What would it be like to have Spider-Man’s spider sense telling you danger was lurking around that dark corner? Better than that, what would it be like to know you could protect yourself from that danger because you are able to scale buildings as swiftly as a spider or tie up your fear, literally, with the special webs that shoot from your wrists?

And it’s not just fantasies about what you could be if you were a man. Many of us in the ‘fairer sex’ have thought how fun it would be ward off bullets with our wrist bands like Wonder Woman, or continue to be chased by Batman, as Cat Woman often is.

Even if you’ve never thought what super power you would want to have if the world mutated as the X Men creators imagined, you should still pull that cape out of your closet and come to the party July 8. We’ll be partying all night, with live music by John Ford, and prizes awarded for the best male, best female and best group costume.

If you’re can’t get out of character after Saturday night, join us Sunday afternoon for the inaugural Y-City Con, which will be held at the brewery July 9. The Y-City Con features vendors selling comics, toys and more from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, in the Weasel Boy events room. Admission is $3.


Our latest beer to be tapped is the Dark Weasel Mint Chocolate Stout. Heavy on chocolate, this beer is not for people who want a light, refreshing drink! We incorporate organic cocoa nibs and add mint leaves post fermentation to add a little something, almost like more of a sensation in the finish. 

The Dark Weasel complements any of our hearty meat toppings or spicy poblano peppers on your favorite pie.

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