December is a fun time of year for us. Homes are lit with snowflake lights and the weather has dropped low enough for us to have an actual snowfall, which means it’s also time for people to create unique paper snowflakes at Weasel Boy.

The tradition began when a former employee, Wilma Lawn, answered a customer’s question about making snowflakes by giving the person paper and scissors and showing them how to do it.  Since then, people make snowflakes every year that decorate the brewery windows through the end of February.


We provide the paper and scissors and bartenders are glad to tape the snowflakes to the windows so customers can show off their delicate creations. Some people do one every year and there always is at least one person who doesn’t think their snowflake is worthy of the windows. Usually, they try to throw it away but most never hit the trash can. We feel strongly that every snowflake, no matter what shape or style, should be put up. Take a look next time you’re in and you’ll see a variety of shapes and sizes and patterns and they all look amazing on the windows. 

We hope you will take time next time you’re in to make a snowflake while you’re enjoying you next pint of Weasel Boy. Cheers!


Weasel Boy’s long-running Open Mic Night is the third Thursday of every month. Take some time out of your busy schedule this week to relax with a good beer and good live music performed by your neighbors and friends from 8 to 11 p.m. this Thursday, Dec. 21.

Nathan Zangmeister, a great musician in his own right, handles setup, making sure everyone who shows up to perform gets time on stage. If you haven’t been to our Open Mic before, the process is pretty simple. A small chalkboard is set up by the stage and people sign up as they come in. We typically get a nice mix of individuals and groups, vocal and instrumental music. We’ve had everything from full bands to a stand-up comic and a vocalist performing with music played from an I Phone over the years.

A local henna artist also attends and does henna temporary tattoos on site for a small fee. It’s a fun time and worth checking out.




This is one of those years where two holidays traditionally spent at Weasel Boy – Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve --  fall on Sunday, one of the two days the brewery is closed. We will not be open in the evening Dec. 24 or Dec. 31 but we will open from noon to 4 p.m. both days to do growler refills. Please feel free to drop by during those hours and get your favorite beers to share with friends during your holiday celebrations.