We do everything we can to stay faithful to the beer we're making.  Balance is of paramount
importance to us and we strive to make every style we brew well balanced and enjoyable to drink.

At Weasel Boy you're not likely to find beer with the most bitterness, the highest alcohol content
or a lot of non-traditional ingredients. What you are likely to find are well balanced and flavorful
beers that can be enjoyed pint after pint without knocking you down or crushing your palate. 

When you visit us we'd like you to stay around a while, enjoy a few beers and a pizza, hang out with your friends or meet some new ones, and still be able to walk out the door when you decide to head for home. Cheers!


With our wide selection, you're sure to find a beer that suits your taste. Choose something light and refreshing like our Ornery Otter Blonde Ale or go big and bold with a Brown Stoat Stout. Enjoy rotating seasonal favorites like Bitter Sable Imperial Black IPA and Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout.



Enjoy a pizza and a pint with some friends in the comfortable spaces in our brewpub. Choose from a cozy, living room style atmosphere by the bar and stage or smaller intimate spaces and additional dining on the pizza kitchen side of our building.