Join us for the second Weasel 200, a 200-step dash from Restoration Park to Weasel Boy Brewing at 10:30am. Saturday, November 2.


In addition to housing 32 free beds for the Urban Greens community garden, Restoration Park provides open space overlooking the Muskingum River. This park has been the location for several community events including a food truck rally, local harvest parties, and a summer movie series. As the park has become more active in recent years, community support has made several developments possible, including a living willow structure by local artist Howard Peller, the planting of fruit trees, a big dipper installation that pays homage to the area's involvement in the Underground Railroad, and plans for a natural earth stage for entertainment and music. 

The park is located on the west side of the intersection of Muskingum Avenue and Putnam Avenue. While the park is located in the historic Putnam neighborhood, it is open for all residents and visitors to use and enjoy.

2020 programming includes:
* Agricultural demonstrations in partnership with Zanesville Farmers' Market
* Art projects in partnership with Zanesville Museum of Art
* Community fitness with yoga practice and pound classes
* Ensemble series with the Zanesville Memorial Concert Band
* Literacy programs and resources in partnership with Muskingum County Library System
* Movie nights that incorporate our partners listed above