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Three things make a party: cake, gifts and singing. Weasel Boy will have all three July 11-16 for our 10th anniversary party.

It’s hard to believe that we started brewing beer in Zanesville July 15, 2007. Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we were ordering hops and grain, dialing in our recipes and hoping someone would want to drink our beer!

Zanesville was ready in 2007 for a brewery to open. From the first day people could see tanks in the windows of our space on Muskingum Avenue, people rode by on bicycles, tapped on the windows and asked us when we would open.

Those same people and others drank our beer on draft at local places until we opened our tap room in Jan. 2008. Then they came to our pub with a vengeance!

We only had about 1,750 square-feet of space in 2008 for the pub -- and that included brewery tanks. Thanks to all of you for filling that space on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the only three days a week we were open in the beginning.

But, back to our celebration.

There will be cake on Saturday, July 15.

There will be ‘singing’ and live music Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 14-16. Though we’re not typically open on Sundays, we want to make this celebration last so we will be open from noon to 10 p.m. July 16, with a different version of kegs and eggs -- scrambled egg pizzas available from noon until the eggs are gone. Cello Fury rounds out the day, performing from 6 to 9 p.m.

Our gifts to you are as many past years of our most award winning beer, the Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout, as we could possibly hoard for the last 10 years, along with the newest version brewed this year.

The beers will be available for side-by-side tastings in a flight -- with tasting notes -- all week long and we will offer 10-ounce pours of various years on various days of the week. Because we have a limited amount of each beer to offer, we will have to limit each person to one flight of Anastasia and two 10-ounce pours of any one version of Anastasia. We will not sell growlers of any of these beers.

You can start opening your presents Tuesday when we tap Anastasia brewed in 2016 and Anastasia X, brewed this year with a slight twist on the original that balances bitter chocolate, vanilla, roasted notes and smoked malt -- all in one.

The 2015 Anastasia will be tapped Wednesday while the 2012 vintage and the barrel aged 2016 vintage -- aged for 13 months in Barton’s 1792 barrels – will tap on Thursday.

On Friday, we’ll add the 2012 barrel aged vintage to the taps and the 2011 vintage, which was our 2012 Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal winning batch!

Finally on Saturday we’ll tap a 2016 vintage aged 13 months in Makers Mark Select barrels and the very first batch of Anastasia we brewed in 2007! The first batch of Anastasia was brewed 11/17/07, and it was our ninth batch of beer ever! It’s aged well and you won’t want to miss out on this one!

We have so many people to thank for our success, from the Columbus brewers who encouraged us, challenged us and helped us get organized and ready for business to all of you, who have supported us from the beginning and who continue to support us ten years later.

The brewers who were by our side from the beginning are Eric Bean of Columbus Brewing Company, Chris Altmont of Fat Head's Brewery, Angelo Signorino of Barley's Brewing Company, Scott Francis (who was at Barley’s at the time) and Dick Stevens of Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus.

A big shout out to the members of SODZ (Scioto, Olentangy, Darby Zymurgists) as well as, the Columbus home brew club we’ve been members of for a long time. Many of you also have been with us from the beginning -- helping move tanks, painting and donating furniture.

Thanks for all you’ve done. We look forward to drinking with you during our anniversary week and during the next 10 years.

Jay and Lori Wince

10th Anniversary Friday Celebration
10th Anniversary Saturday Celebration
10th Anniversary Sunday Celebration


Theme parties are fun, partly because you get to dress up and unleash some of your inner passions via costume, and partly because you get to learn something about the people you know – just from the shear insanity of their costumes.

Our upcoming theme party on July 8, the Super Hero/Super Villain party, came about partly because of one of the brewery owner’s love of comic books.

Who hasn’t thought of what it would be like to be Superman, flying across the Y Bridge one evening and over New York City later, that same evening? What would it be like to have Spider-Man’s spider sense telling you danger was lurking around that dark corner? Better than that, what would it be like to know you could protect yourself from that danger because you are able to scale buildings as swiftly as a spider or tie up your fear, literally, with the special webs that shoot from your wrists?

And it’s not just fantasies about what you could be if you were a man. Many of us in the ‘fairer sex’ have thought how fun it would be ward off bullets with our wrist bands like Wonder Woman, or continue to be chased by Batman, as Cat Woman often is.

Even if you’ve never thought what super power you would want to have if the world mutated as the X Men creators imagined, you should still pull that cape out of your closet and come to the party July 8. We’ll be partying all night, with live music by John Ford, and prizes awarded for the best male, best female and best group costume.

If you’re can’t get out of character after Saturday night, join us Sunday afternoon for the inaugural Y-City Con, which will be held at the brewery July 9. The Y-City Con features vendors selling comics, toys and more from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, in the Weasel Boy events room. Admission is $3.


Our latest beer to be tapped is the Dark Weasel Mint Chocolate Stout. Heavy on chocolate, this beer is not for people who want a light, refreshing drink! We incorporate organic cocoa nibs and add mint leaves post fermentation to add a little something, almost like more of a sensation in the finish. 

The Dark Weasel complements any of our hearty meat toppings or spicy poblano peppers on your favorite pie.

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