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We are celebrating a new local supplier this week, McConnell Family Farms in Zanesville. We are really excited to be using the farm’s ground beef because the farm supplements their cattle feed with the spent grain from our brewing process!

Many breweries find ways to use spent grain instead of allowing it to go to a landfill. The McConnell family has been using Weasel Boy’s spent grain for more than half of the brewery’s 10-year lifetime and we’re happy the family decided to start selling their beef to us. We think you’ll enjoy the rich flavor of the meat.  

The ground beef is featured in this week’s Beef Barley Soup and our Pizza of the Week, the taco pizza, made with ground beef, onion, tomatoes, poblano peppers, cheddar cheese, Jose Madrid Sals (medium or hot), and topped with fresh lettuce. Try the soup or pizza and let us know what you think.

Even though we’ve added the McConnell Family Farm to our list of suppliers, we will continue to purchase products from the other companies we work with, including Carl Rittberger and Sons, another Zanesville company which makes our products better with their hot Italian sausage, pork loin and trail bologna.



Warm, delicious soup is now available from the Weasel Boy Brewing Co. kitchen. The soup is made fresh with the best ingredients possible and served in a cup or bowl.

We started with something basic -- a chicken soup that had a hint of smoky cumin to give it a slight taste of far-off lands. Tomato basil soup came next, a nice thick and creamy version of the classic. Vegetable beef -- just like Mom used to make -- was next, loaded with ground beef, cabbage, carrots, celery and a hint of onion. Our latest is potato soup, which features small pieces of potato in a creamy base that is accented by chunks of smoked pork from one of our local meat processors.

Come in and join us for a cup or bowl and don’t forget to ask your server for a recommendation on pairing your favorite soup with one of our hand-crafted beers. Soup selections change weekly.

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